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About Us

QE Cart has seventeen (17) years of experience and we have completed over 1700 eCommerce web designs. You can imagine the know-how we have accumulated regarding web design. It is easy to see how partnering with QE Cart for your eCommerce websites will give you an advantage. While working to complete these eCommerce websites, we have learned the successful components of a great web design and we have created thousands of web design scripts that furnish our clients with functionalities that are suitable and unique to their web design.

We have learned over the years that keeping the web design code clean and simple is the best way to create powerful functionality behind your web design while making sure that your eCommerce website remains easy to use and maintain.

Our eCommerce websites are feature rich, offer extremely good value and provide clients, visitors and the owners of the web design site with outstanding tools to ensure an enjoyable and productive experience of use.

Compare the functionality of our eCommerce web design sites to those of other web development companies and you will soon see we are leaders in our field. Should you require a web design with special functionality, we at QE Cart, have a motto: "if it hasn't been done, we can do it. If it has been done - we can do it better, a better web design".

A successful web design project looks professional. Upon entering your eCommerce website, if potential customers see a professional web design, then they will trust in your web site, in your business. They can feel it.

A great web design project requires traffic to be truly successful. QE Cart has offered Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, now for over 10 years and has been very successful. Please speak to a representative to see the results we have been able to accomplish with our SEO strategies tailored for our web design projects. Inquire about our Internet Marketing services, Fax Advertising, SEO services and our unique Click & Fly Online Shopping Carts for your eCommerce web design projects.


In addition to web design packages, QE Cart has the talent, style and experience to create any type of custom web design site you desire. We have created multiple complex web design models for schools, all the way from student tracking and accounting modules to complete booking. We have also created various web design models for law portals, music web designs, health and other multifunctional web designs. QE Cart has the web design experience to create anything you need.