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How does QE Cart build a profession website for such an affordable price?

How can QE Cart build professional websites for at such an affordable price?

Glad you asked!


There are two main parts to a web site.

1. The graphic design or the "look and feel" this is what people see on their monitor. This is created using a "CSS Style Sheet" - this is where you add the graphics and links.

 2. The "source code" which actually makes the website work. If you have a function on a website and then put the same function on another site, it may look different because of the CSS style sheet, but the source code will be the same.

Now here is the question: Would you rather save time and money and have the programmer copy and paste the code in to your website or would you rather they recreate the code from scratch - which would take more time and cost more money?

It is much more cost efficient to use code that is known to be good then to recreate the code again and then debug it.

A different example would be if you needed new brakes on your car, would you like the mechanic to buy known brakes that are known to work, have been tested and are being mass produced for $100 or would you rather the mechanic make the brakes himself, test them and charge the labour costs for $2000?

We have been in the web development business for almost 18 years and we would like to put our experience toward your next web development project.


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