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SEM Plans

Search engines and directories are the number one source for traffic on the Internet. In fact up to 90% of the total traffic to your website could come from the major search engines and directories. If you would like to have a good ranking in search engines, it would take more than just adding some content, keywords, tags and submitting to hundreds of search engines. The fact that your site is listed in the search engine doesn’t mean you would get traffic. Only expert search engine optimization and positioning strategies tailored specifically to your website will result in more traffic. An in-depth study of the content, keywords, meta-tags, site structure, submission, link exchange, search engine and directory submission is required to successfully optimize and position your website for high ranking and targeted visitors.

This can be an expensive process. They key to success is to get the best return for your dollar. There are two types of advertising on the Search Engines:

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a form of website marketing where the search engine displays advertisements encouraging their users to visit your website. Most users trust their respective search engines and if a link is recommended, they tend to click it. There are 2 gtypes of advertising campaigns available when performing Search Engine Marketing. One is called Pay Per Cick while the other is calles Pay Per View. With Pay Per View, everytie a user views your advertisement on the search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ask.com, you pay a set fee which is decided at the tsart of your advertising campaign. This form of Search Engine Marketing is encouraged when you wish to raise awareness about your business without necesarrily needing conversions to do so. With Pay Par Click, the Search Engine bills you every time someone clicks your ad. This is good if you require the users to visit your website in order to complete the sale of a product or service. The great ting about Search engine Marketing is that you start showing on the first page of the search engines right awya! You do not need to put in the work for website optimization to come out on top!

We specialize in SEM as we believe this has better value.

Also, all of our customers have been successful with our SEM.

The secret to successful SEM is quite simple "doing everything you can and doing it the right way". 

We offer 3 SEM packages.

Package 1.                                                                     $150 mth

We do some of the work and you do some of the work. The less work we have to do - the less we have to charge.

Package 2.                                                                     $250 mth

We do everything except write the articles about your products and services. This is good because who knows your business better than you?

Package 3.                                                                     $350 mth

We do everything. We have to report to you what we are doing and and how your site is improving in the rankings. You have to approve of any articles we write.

If you would like more information about our three plans please send us a request and we will send you a full description.