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Terms and Conditions


1. This contract covers the work specified in the proposal. This proposal outlines that all features outlined above will be in working order. The client will be allowed two hours of minor modifications and or changes at no cost. Any changes or modifications beyond the two hour allowance, unless specifically mentioned in the Proposal or price quote is not included and will be charged extra. requested by the client.

2. Fees include the graphic design, HTML, DHTML, Java Scripting, PHP Scripting, testing and debugging of the site, and publishing to the internet as listed in the proposal. All charges by a third party such as search engines, credit card handlers or any other third party charges are not included in this contract and will be charged extra if the client chooses to utilize any of these services.

3. QECart.com will correct reported errors and/or omissions within 2 working days. In the event it is an urgent issue it will be looked at within an hour.

4. Content for the web site must be provided to QECart.com in a timely manner (See attached Schedules). A delay in supplying requested content or direction will delay the final deployment of the site and may incur additional charges. QECart can not be held responsible for any delays beyond its control.

5. Payment will be made in two instalments. First instalment will be 50% of estimated total cost. The remaining 50% of project costs is due upon substantial completion of the project. QECart's timeline is an estimate only. Actual completion date may differ.

6. Training will be provided by QECart to client on how to manage/update website using site admin functionality.

7. Instruction Manuals can be downloaded from the administration side of the site

8. Free telephone tech support will be available 24/7 at no charge. Support emails sent to support@qecart.com are free. As well, you may go to www.QECart.com and click on "Support" in the Menu grey menu bar and create a traceable ticket. And of course you can always call us 24/7.

9. QECart cannot be held liable for occurrences beyond its control such as problems with non-standard servers.

10. Product Database: The Client is responsible to enter their products to their site. All text and image content is to be supplied in digital format (emailed or supplied on CD). The client is required to submit a properly formatted Excel Spread sheet (a sample document will be provided). This document should include all product descriptions with corresponding image name. Please see sample document for required fields. If this procedure is not followed to the specifications required, the client is responsible for inputting their own product information.

11. Any design/programming work not specifically mentioned in this proposal, is not included in this contract and you will be provided with a separate quote for this work.