5 great ideas for personalizing your next business event

Hosting corporate events is one of the most dreaded and inevitable milestones in business. Most corporate events are unpopular for boring the daylights out of attendees.

Unfortunately, most event organizers do not seem to read any business branding tips because they would undoubtedly make their corporate events more fun if they did.

You probably won’t meet the agenda of your business meetings if you can’t personalize it and get people to feel like part of the whole process.

Luckily, there are some very fun ways through which you can make your meetings successful and memorable. The following are five great ideas for personalizing your next business event.

• Know all your attendees by name

Of course, you did not invite people who do not have a specific role to play at your event. Make sure that you know a majority of your attendees by name, and mention them periodically as you marshal them to perform their roles creatively.

They do not have to see that you are using them but let them feel glad about it when you do. Make them feel important so that they can be lively and active.

One of the best business branding tips that you can ever employ is getting key players in your circles to lead other people in their circles to join yours.

• Space your programs to allow brief interactions

Organize your event in a way that people can move around, and encourage them to do so during presentation breaks. Explain that you would like your guests to introduce themselves and share a few ideas in preparation for scheduled breakout sessions.

The point is to keep them active and interested enough to consume your ideas and proposals. This is an efficient personalization strategy because it keeps your guests engaged, and they end up growing not only commercially but also socially.

• Engage all of your guests’ senses

You can host a significant event and still make your guests feel like the event was tailored explicitly for their wholesome growth. All you have to do is pay extra attention to the simple details.

Curate an experience that engages all of their senses no matter how as inexpensive the event is. Whenever you are serving them food and beverages, don’t allow a solemn and formal mood of silence or business talk to engulf them.

Instead, use mild music to help them take in the atmosphere better. Your music selection should follow themes that are appropriate for the guests. Profile them in advance if you must.

• Distribute custom sunglasses

Take the business event as an opportunity to create and increase your brand awareness. You should offer your guests custom glasses that are fashionably labeled with your brand logos and design.

They should be creatively fashioned to portray your brand and the guests attractively wearing them. They will be excited about it and possibly persuaded into committing to your agenda.

Those gifts will keep on giving for as long as your guests and friends wear them in the future.

• Hire an events venue

Do not confine your guests at large boardrooms like they are used to in the corporate world. Even though it is a business meeting, take them somewhere you would host a social event.